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Viessman Trucking is one of the largest haulers of food-grade bulk products in the U.S., transporting goods across the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 1961, Viessman Trucking has more than 60 years of experience in the food grade transportation business and is dedicated to ensuring food and other materials are safe and contaminate-free.

With five divisions – Tanker, Live Bottom, Pneumatic (Dry Bulk), Hopper and Reefer – Viessman Trucking hauls a variety of products such as milk, dry sugar, cornstarch, corn sweetener and vegetable oil.

Viessman Trucking, also known as Cliff Viessman, Inc., is family owned and operated with its headquarters in Gary, S.D., and terminals in: Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Dawson, Mankato, Marshall, Paynesville and Renville, Minn.; Columbus, Neb.; Wahpeton, N.D.; Dayton, Ohio; Watertown, S.D.; Memphis, Tenn.; and Manitowoc, Wis. For more information, visit viessmantrucking.com or call (888) 848-4453.

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Modern tankers, reefers, live bottoms, pneumatics, augers and many more. The average age of our truck fleet is < 3 years.


We work hard to ensure our service is cost-effective for our customers. You won’t find better prices anywhere on the market.


Dedicated to enhancing the service provided to our customers by providing superior service every haul without fail.

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Viessman Trucking, also known as Cliff Viessman, Inc., is proud to be family owned and operated. We have a personal interest in the success of the company, our drivers and employees, and our customers. Viessman Trucking has a long history of excellent customer relationships, and we strongly believe in evaluating all business needs so we can continue to provide the best customer service possible.

We understand that it is our drivers that make our company what it is today, and our commitment to them is immeasurable. We continue to provide the best support staff possible, allowing our drivers to focus on their driving career and and providing the best service for our customers.


Cliff Viessman Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the service provided to our customers. We strive to play an active role in assisting customers thrive and exceed in their respective industry. We do it by providing our customers—and their customers—superior service, and through the belief that all business relationships can be mutually beneficial when honesty and integrity are the cornerstones. This commitment starts with management and is brought to all employees through action and strict adherence from the top-level on down. CVI has, and will continue, to meet the needs and requests for our customers by entering into win-win situations that allow us to provide the highest level of customer service possible.


Virgil Viessman started the long history of Viessman-dedicated drivers with two milk trucks while living in Worthington, MN. In an unfortunate turn of events, Virgil was killed in a truck accident south of Clarkfield, MN in the fall of 1965. With the passing of his father, Cliff Viessman decided to assume the responsibilities of his father’s milk routes. At that time, Cliff Viessman and his family were living in Northwest Iowa operating a fertilizer business.

In 1970, Cliff decided to sell his fertilizer business. He invested the money into the expansion of the company. He increased the fleet to eight trucks hauling milk. As time progressed, Cliff Viessman, Inc. grew to 35 trucks. This included a terminal in New Prague, MN with the main office remaining in Clarkfield, MN. During these years, seven sons and one daughter joined Cliff to help run the family business.

In 1982, the company’s primary customer made a move to Dawson, MN. As a committed carrier, Cliff Viessman, Inc. followed with the building of a new terminal and Corporate Office in rural Dawson. Cliff Viessman, Inc. was still primarily in the transportation of dairy products.

1984 was filled with major growth for Cliff Viessman, Inc. A new terminal was added in Marshall, MN. This was the company’s first venture into the transportation of liquid corn sweetener and wet feed. The terminal now includes a truck wash bay, a food grade wash bay, and two sweetener wash bays.

In 1985, the company built a new terminal in Mankato, MN. This terminal was for a new venture into the transportation of vegetable oils. This facility is equipped with a wash bay designed exclusively for the washing of food grade oil trailers. With the addition of Marshall and Mankato terminals, Cliff Viessman, Inc. had 55 trucks running throughout the Midwest.

With more growth, came more need for office space. The Corporate Office was moved to Gary, SD in 1987. The company experienced normal growth for the next few years.

To meet with customer demand, the Columbus, NE terminal was built in 1992. The terminal’s primary function is to transport corn sweetener, feed, and some starch. This facility is equipped with a wash bay for sweetener tankers and a wash bay for food grade trailers.

With the addition of a new customer, Cliff Viessman, Inc. built a terminal in Wahpeton, ND. This was 1995. This facility houses a sweetener only wash bay and a food grade wash bay.

Another trucking company was purchased in 1997. They were based in Paynesville, MN. This facility continues to pull reefers for the hauling of cheese products and some tankers for dairy product hauling.

In 1999, Cliff Viessman, Inc. opened a terminal in Dayton, OH to meet a growing customer needs. The terminal’s function was designed around the transport of sucrose sweetener. This terminal is equipped with three sweetener wash bays and one food grade wash bay.

As the decade closed, Cliff Viessman continued to grow. A trucking company in southern Minnesota was purchased in 2003. Terminals in Eitzen, MN and Cedar Rapids, IA were included in the acquisition. This operation hauls sweeteners out of Cedar Rapids, IA. A wash facility is located at the Cedar Rapids, IA terminal and houses two sweetener wash bays.

In 2004 Cliff Viessman, Inc. added a terminal in Renville, MN. The products hauled out of this facility include liquid and dry sugar. A sweetener wash bay is also at this location.

Cliff Viessman, Inc. expanded to the east and purchased a terminal in Memphis, TN in December of 2012. This facility is equipped with a 2-bay wash facility, supporting customer requirements, hauling both oil and sweetener products.

Cliff Viessman, Inc. has experienced considerable growth in the past and through additional acquisitions and opportunities they look forward to more in the future. Cliff Viessman, Inc. is dedicated to superior customer service and the company always has an eye to the future while staying aware of the needs of today.


Maintain an atmosphere and relationships with our customers, employees, and business partners that enhance the growth, prosperity and overall safety for our employees, our customers and the general public. We accomplish this through honesty, integrity and adherence to strict business ethics in an environment of respect and dignity.









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