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CVI hauls a wide range of tanker products, a majority of which are food grade. CVI’s primary Food Grade commodities consists of Liquid Corn Sweetener, Liquid Sugar, Oils, and Dairy products. CVI has seven terminals that handle both liquid sweeteners and oils. These are located in Cedar Rapids, IA, Columbus, NE, Dayton, OH, Marshall, MN, Memphis, TN, Renville, MN, and Wahpeton, ND. Many of the loads place our trucks all over the country. This provides opportunities to service customers nationwide.

CVI’S humble beginnings came through the dairy industry. The company started with only three dairy route trucks in 1965. CVI has stayed close to its roots and continues to have a number of different milk routes running out of the Dawson, MN terminal. CVI hauls a number of other food grade liquid products. If it is a food grade liquid product, chances are, we have hauled it.

CVI’s Mankato Terminal primarily transports Food Grade Oils. These products are also hauled out of the Wahpeton, ND, Cedar Rapids, IA, Columbus, NE, Marshall, MN, Memphis, TN and Dayton, OH locations. Other operations include Feed deliveries to local farmers out of our Dawson, MN, Marshall, MN and Columbus, NE locations as well as Reefer conveyance from our Paynesville and Dawson, MN locations.

Statement of Food Safety

Cliff Viessman, Inc. is dedicated to the safe, efficient, timely transport of edible food products. To ensure that the objective is met, all personnel are trained in proper food handling techniques and informed of their role in providing a safe product to the customer. All concerned parties will be advised of all HACCP policies along with customer and governmental rules, regulations and policies. Cliff Viessman, Inc. will also construct and maintain facilities in a fashion that is of food grade quality, and also maintain them in such a way as to provide for safe product handling and transport.