Professional Driving Bonus

by Viessman Trucking

We reward full-time drivers who drive safely. Working with our partners at Samsara, we offer drivers a Professional Driving Bonus of up to $175 per month that measures several factors within our driver’s control combined with miles driven.

Samara provides us with reporting criteria that we can pull directly from the their system as well as factors in other company areas.  A few of the criteria and factors include:

  • Miles driven (10,000 miles required monthly to qualify for maximum bonus)
  • Engine Over RPM %
  • Long Idle Time
  • Pre/Post Inspections
  • Driver Hours of Service Violations
  • Company Safety Training videos and quizzes
  • Safety Incidents that include accidents, citations, roadside inspection findings

Drivers are provided a “how am I doing” report on a weekly basis and bonuses are paid out monthly.

Viessman Trucking is proud of, and eager to reward, the professional drivers on the road representing our company in safe, efficient, and respectable manner!